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Gareth Quinn Redmond - A1. Breacadh an Lae 23:45
Gareth Quinn Redmond - B1. Ferdiad Agus Cú Chulainn 17:23
LP: Limited Edition of 500, Heavy 350gsm Gatefold Sleeve, Sticker

Genre: Ambient, Synth, Electronic, Traditional, Irish Folk
Release Date:
WRWTFWW069: 4251804139564

Tracklisting LP
A1. Breacadh an Lae 23:45
B1. Ferdiad Agus Cú Chulainn 17:23

WRWTFWW Records is proud to announce a brand new album by Irish producer Gareth Quinn
Redmond, following his amazing Satoshi Ashikawa-Inspired Laistigh Den Ghleo released in 2019.
Umcheol, his ambient-meets-Irish-traditional-music soundscape is available as a limited edition LP
(500 copies worldwide) housed in a 350gsm gatefold sleeve with a superb triptych of paintings by
Irish artist Conor Campbell. The album comes in digital format as well.
A splendid pairing of Irish folk instruments (harp, tin whistle, fiddle, harmonium) with synthesizers,
Umcheol tells the tragic yet beautiful tale of two legendary figures of Irish mythology, Cú Chulainn and
Ferdiad. The 40+ minute ambient narrative is a subtle and touching alliance of past and present,
tradition re-contextualized and retold with a modern approach.
Gareth Quinn Redmond explains: "For the longest time, I have desired to blend elements of both
ambient and Irish traditional music. Umcheol - Cú Chulainn agus Ferdiad, is the first in a series of
works that seeks to coalesce these two palettes of sound. The primary focus of this album was to
begin using traditional instruments such as the harp, tin whistle, fiddle and even the harmonium,
which in recent times has become commonly used in Irish folk music. By pairing these instruments
with synthesizers, I hope to create a soundscape that gives new agency for the stories of my culture
to be realized and retold."
Very personal and delicately visceral, Umcheol is a contemplative journey that will resonate with fans
of Japanese environmental music, minimalism, folk experimentations, and mythological soundtracks.
Gareth Quinn Redmond’s previous album, Laistigh Den Ghleo, an ode to the work of Satoshi
Ashikawa is still available on WRWTFWW Records - perfect time to re-visit!
Points of interests
- For fans of ambient, Irish folk music and history, minimalism, synth, Satoshi Ashikawa, Midori
Takada, Brian Eno, beautiful paintings, single LPs in gatefold sleeves, well hidden treasures.
- Limited edition (500) vinyl of Gareth Quinn Redmond’s brand new album, with an artwork by Conor
Campbell. More