Locally rooted, globally connected.
Established in 1999, Word and Sound is an owner-led music distributor and manufacturer with a worldwide partner network. Our catalogue includes all physical and digital music formats by artists of all genres and styles with a focus on Electronic, Alternative Rock, Soul & Jazz.
Over the last two decades we’ve helped our artists and labels to establish safe positions in the constantly changing music market, and to build and grow their standing.

Personal, fair, and friendly. We won’t leave anyone in limbo.
What has driven us from the very start is to provide a reliable and fair-minded distribution structure for the music we love. Understanding and meeting the needs of artists, labels and record trade businesses alike, has always been at the centre of our daily work.


Our Services
Apart from Physical Distribution and Digital Distribution, we offer a variety of other Label & Artist Services, such as Record and CD Manufacturing, D2C Fulfilment Services, and Neighbouring Rights Administration.
Please contact us if you are interested in any of the following Services:

  • Physical Distribution
    Our reliable international distribution structure that we’ve built, maintained and expanded for more than two decades enables us to bring our labels’ product in the position to sell. We supply a network of distribution partners covering all territories, and stock key independent record stores worldwide.
  • Digital Distribution
    Since 2007, at the beginning of the digital music age, Word and Sound has guaranteed the digital availability of our labels’ repertoire, ensuring highly transparent royalty management. From leading streaming platforms to boutique download stores, and from playlist pitching to video channel management – our Digital Team will take you by the hand, and provide you with advice and support in the fast growing and changing digital market.
  • Record and CD Manufacturing
    We look back on over 30 years of experience in the production of vinyl and CDs. Regardless of a project’s size, we take care of its swift turnaround and strive for nothing less than realizing the artist’s / label’s vision. Our production department works closely with pressing plants, designers and printers ensuring that deadlines are met, and all projects are to cost.
  • D2C Fulfillment Services
    Since 2018 Word and Sound offers customized in house logistics solutions for labels who sell directly to their fans via online platforms and shop systems such as Bandcamp, WooCommerce, Shopify, and others. From the set-up of a customized Bandcamp site to processing orders, packaging and dispatching products throughout the world, we offer a range of fulfillment services on all scales.
  • Neighbouring Rights Administration
    Word and Sound helps artists and labels to increase their revenue beyond their distribution deal. We manage and administrate their neighbouring rights in key territories, and collect all due royalties. This offer aims at the owners of sound recordings that are publicly performed or broadcasted.


Our Commitment 
At Word and Sound we are committed to running our business in a sustainable way. With regard to the environment this means, that we try to operate as environmentally-friendly as possible. We use resources responsibly and thoughtfully – in all areas of our business:


  • Packaging
    For packaging, we mainly use recycled and recyclable packaging materials. In order to avoid waste we re-use packaging materials whenever it is possible without compromising transport safety.
  • Shipping
    Carbon-neutral shipping is not yet the norm, but the shipping service providers we work with have publicly stated that they are committed to reducing their carbon emissions through specific actions. We know that low shipping costs are important to most of you, and we work hard to offer you attractive terms. If you would like your order to be delivered carbon-neutrally, please contact us, and we will find a solution together.
  • Production
    Responsible production starts with realistic sales expectations for planned products. Let us know if you need help here and we’ll try to give experience-based advice.
    Besides conventional CD and vinyl production we also offer environmentally friendly alternatives. Please contact us if you would like to know more about the range of possibilities, such as the use of BioVinyl, recycled vinyl materials, FSC-certified labels, inner sleeves, and/or cardboard covers.
  • Local Suppliers & Recycling
    Whenever possible we source from local suppliers and manufacturers. Since our beginnings we have offered vinyl and CD recycling whenever it makes sense. We are working towards a paperless office, and of course we separate leftovers and waste for recycling.
  • Travel
    Thumbs up to all our colleagues who cycle to our office/warehouse on the outskirts of town all year round. For those of us who are not quite so tough, Wordandsound subsidizes the commute to work by public transport. We use the train for necessary business trips and try to avoid flying.

Word and Sound also strives for sustainability in other areas. For example we value good, long-term business and working relationships. And we try to make a positive difference in areas beyond our reach by supporting and participating in selected charitable projects that aim to have a lasting positive impact.