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Gareth Quinn Redmond - Ar Ais Arìs
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Tréimhse Chiúin
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Sobhriste
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Le Stealladh Báistí
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Faoiseamh Soiléire
Gareth Quinn Redmond - An tAistear
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Muiníneach
Gareth Quinn Redmond - Le Sruth

Genre: Ambient, Tapes Loops, Electronic, Experimental, Minimalism

LP: Limited Edition of 500, Liner Notes Insert, Sticker

Tracklisting LP
A1. Ar Ais Arìs
A2. Tréimhse Chiúin
A3. Sobhriste
A4. Le Stealladh Báistí
B1. Faoiseamh Soiléire
B2. An tAistear
B3. Muiníneach
B4. Le Sruth


WRWTFWW Records is overjoyed to announce Ar Ais Arís, the third album by Irish producer Gareth Quinn Redmond, following his amazing Satoshi Ashikawa-inspired Laistigh Den Ghleo released in 2019 and this year’s ambient-meets-Irish-traditional-music soundscape Umcheol. The 8-track LP comes as a limited edition of 500 copies worldwide with an artwork by Dublin artist Barry Gibbons and liner notes from Gareth Quinn Redmond himself. It is available in digital format as well.

Ar Ais Arís is Gareth Quinn Redmond’s fortuitous love affair with the art of tape loops - a practice he discovered while performing with Ross Chaney and Myles O’Reilly in late November 2020. Fascinated, he spent months experimenting with the technique: "By cracking open the shell of a cassette, cutting the tape and splicing the ends together, I created repeating sound loops of varying lengths. After reassembling and slotting the cassette into the Tascam Portastudio, I recorded and played back the sounds of the tape loop. These sounds were then manipulated using the pitch wheel to make subtle and warbly inflections to the recordings. This is achieved by speeding up or slowing down the playback speed of the tape, which offers dynamic contrasts in both mood and texture."

The result is 8 deliciously enchanting minimalistic tape loops creating a very rare kind of daydreaming environmental music full of accidental miracles and dusty soothing backdrops. It’s a very very very pleasant listening experience inspiring a feeling of enveloping warmth and gentle coziness, with an uncanny touch of spellbinding magic. Press play.

Gareth Quinn Redmond’s previous albums, Laistigh Den Ghleo, an ode to the work of Satoshi Ashikawa, and Umcheol, mixing ambient with traditional Irish music instruments, are still available on WRWTFWW Records - perfect occasion to complete the collection!

Points of interests

- For fans of ambient, tape loops, super chill music, minimalism, Satoshi Ashikawa, Mort Garson’s Plantasia, old cassettes with magic songs, the unknown.

- Limited edition (500) vinyl of Gareth Quinn Redmond’s brand new album, with an artwork by Barry Gibbons.