Sustainable Record Production

Bio Vinyl


Sustainable record production in cooperation with pressing plant Optimal Media

With Bio Vinyl we have included a new option for sustainable record production in our production offer. Bio Vinyl is a bio-based petroleum-free PVC that is obtained from cooking oil or industrial exhaust gases. Records made from BioVinyl are qualitatively identical to conventionally pressed records - both acoustically and visually. Bio Vinyl is available in black and eleven different colours. The Bio Vinyl manufacturing process is subject to the ISCC PLUS certification process that guarantees a responsible and sustainable PVC supply chain.


Labels with which we have manufactured on Bio Vinyl include A Colourful Storm,  Animals Dancing,  Avenue 66, Fragile, Heist, MG.ART, Other People, Public Possesion, Running Back, Smallville, Squama, Studio Barnhus, Toy Tonics, Tresor, We Release Jazz, and WRWTFWW.

Environmentally friendly production

Apart from Bio Vinyl, we offer a range of other possibilities for environmentally friendly production, such as

  • recycled paper and cardboard,
  • FSC-certified labels, inner sleeves and cardboard covers
  • Offset printing with inks made from plant oils    
  • alternatives to conventional plastic foil wrapping, such as paper banderols or foils from renewable resources.

Our Production Team has more than 30 years of experience in the production of vinyl and CDs. Get in touch with us to discuss equipment options for your product and ecological alternatives.


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