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Hako Yamasaki - Bokyo
Hako Yamasaki - Sasurai
Hako Yamasaki - Kazaguruma
Hako Yamasaki - Hashi Mukou No Ie
Hako Yamasaki - Sayonara No Kane
Hako Yamasaki - Taketombo
Hako Yamasaki - Kage Ga Mienai
Hako Yamasaki - Kibun O Kaete
Hako Yamasaki - Tobimasu
Hako Yamasaki - Komori Uta
Hako Yamasaki - Otoko To Onna No Heya (Bonus Track - Digital & CD Only)
Genre: Folk, Alternative, Psychedelic

CD: Digipack, Stickers

Tracklisting CD
01. Bokyo
02. Sasurai
03. Kazaguruma
04. Hashi Mukou No Ie
05. Sayonara No Kane
06. Taketombo
07. Kage Ga Mienai
08. Kibun O Kaete
09. Tobimasu
10. Komori Uta
11. Otoko To Onna No Heya (Bonus Track - Digital & CD Only)

Release Info:

WRWTFWW Records is proud to present the first official worldwide reissue of the debut album from fabled Japanese folk singer-songwriter/actress/writer Hako Yamasaki, Tobimasu. The limited edition 180g vinyl LP comes in a heavy sleeve with the original artwork, and the digipack CD has one bonus track. Tobimasu is also available in digital formats.

Originally released in 1975 on legendary independent label Elec Records, Tobimasu is a masterpiece of melancholy carried by one of the most beautiful, moving, melodic, and haunting voices in the history of Japanese music. An extraordinary singer and guitar player, Hako Yamasaki wrote the album at only 18 years old, showing incredible emotional maturity and music making skills, and creating, out of nowhere, a downright classic of folk music, brilliantly arranged and sequenced.

Hako Yamasaki’s folk is bluesy, psychedelic, soft, and poetic, perfectly fitting the themes of nostalgia, love, and nature she covers with heartbreaking intensity. Her songs capture sorrow ravishingly, offering glimpses of empowering hope and uplifting wisdom. A unique voice, a unique approach, and nothing less than magnificent music.

Hako Yamasaki, a pioneer in both the creative boom and the rise of feminism in 1970s Japan, went on to release over thirty albums, building an impressive discography and a fascinating career filled with ups and downs. Her work, inimitable and timeless, deserves the utmost recognition and should be celebrated. Again and again and again.

Tobimasu is released in conjunction with Hako Yamasaki’s beautiful follow-up Tsunawatari, also available on WRWTFWW Records.

Points of interests

- For fans of folk, alternative, ballads, psychedelic, poetic music, the joy of love, the sorrow of love, nostalgia, nature, life, just life life life.

- Official reissue of Hako Yamasaki’s debut album in pristine 180g vinyl.