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Hako Yamasaki - Mukai Kaze
Hako Yamasaki - Shiroi Hana
Hako Yamasaki - Himawari
Hako Yamasaki - Tenjo
Hako Yamasaki - Help Me
Hako Yamasaki - Hitori Uta
Hako Yamasaki - Harmonica Fuki No Otoko
Hako Yamasaki - Tsunawatari
Hako Yamasaki - Utaitaino
Hako Yamasaki - Tanjo Iwai
Hako Yamasaki - Yurusarezaru Koi (Bonus Track - Digital & CD Only)
Genre: Folk, Alternative, Psychedelic

CD: Digipack, Stickers

Tracklisting CD
01. Mukai Kaze
02. Shiroi Hana
03. Himawari
04. Tenjo
05. Help Me
06. Hitori Uta
07. Harmonica Fuki No Otoko
08. Tsunawatari
09. Utaitaino
10. Tanjo Iwai
11. Yurusarezaru Koi (Bonus Track - Digital & CD Only)

WRWTFWW Records is proud to present the first official worldwide reissue of the sophomore album from fabled Japanese folk singer-songwriter/actress/writer Hako Yamasaki, Tsunawatari. The limited edition 180g vinyl LP comes in a heavy sleeve with the original artwork, and the digipack CD has one bonus track. Tsunawatari is also available in digital formats.

Recorded right after her outstanding debut Tobimasu, Tsunawatari was released in 1976 on Elec Records, one of the first independent labels in Japan, and solidified Hako Yamasaki as one of the most gorgeous voices of the country and an exceptional musician and singer. A truly perfect follow-up, it immortalizes the bitter beauty of heartache with tearful performances and nostalgic empowerment.

The beauty of melancholic songs reaches heartbreaking heights in Tsunawatari, a magnificent ode to the sorrow of lost love and the time that passes offered to the world with a very unique brand of folk music. The kind of folk that goes for the guts, folk that shamelessly flirts with tearful blues, contemplative soft pop and psychedelic nostalgia. Put the needle on "Help Me" - there’s simply no holding back.

Hako Yamasaki, a pioneer in both the creative boom and the rise of feminism of 1970s Japan, went on to release over thirty albums, building an impressive discography and a fascinating career filled with ups and downs. Her work, inimitable and timeless, deserves the utmost recognition and should be celebrated. Again and again and again.

Tsunawatari is released in conjunction with Hako Yamasaki’s classic debut album Tobimasu, also available on WRWTFWW Records.

Points of interests

- For fans of folk, alternative, ballads, psychedelic, poetic music, the joy of love, the sorrow of love, nostalgia, nature, Janis Joplin, Lana Del Rey, being human.

- Official reissue of Hako Yamasaki’s sophomore album in pristine 180g vinyl.