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Last in:20.02.2024
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Last in:20.02.2024
Configuration:2LP Excl
Peter Patzer - You Are Not The One For Me
Ströer - Don't Stay For Breakfast
Upstairs - You're Just Yourself
J. D. (Puma) Lewis - Dancing Shoes
Trust - It's Not Over
Imagination - Strawberry Wine
Squish - Get Up
Publicity - Funky Feeling
Bernie L. - Backstreetboy
Ca$h - Raff dich auf
The Poptown Syndicate - Keep On Lovin' (Single Version)
Ca$h - Raff dich auf (Edit) (Bonus Track)
Limited and definite repress of this classic German Boogie compilation from 2018 with a selection of 11 rare Disco tracks from Germany & Austria, all originally released between 1980 and 1987. Deluxe pressing on coloured vinyl, re-transferred and remastered by Frederic Stader. Includes additional bonus track.

Part of the 2018 release notes:
German Funk, Rare Groove and 1970s Disco music (e.g. the highly regarded Munich scene around Italian producer Giorgio Moroder) have been widely recognized and featured on numerous reissues and compilations. However, the Boogie-ish post-disco side of German music history until now has remained undiscovered. One of the reasons might be that a broader national scene in Germany (unlike the UK for example) never existed. Even though tracks by US bands such as Dazz or Midnight Star were popular in discotheks in Germany around that time, bigger labels showed little interest in promoting German groups playing this new style of Disco Funk, now primarily known as "Boogie", that brought in electronical instruments and often lacked the iconic "four-on-the-floor" beat. Additionally, the number of bands that continued to play funky and soulful music in the 1980s diminished as other styles like Synth Pop, Punk, New Wave and NDW (New German Wave) ascended in popularity. Still, though German Boogie may have never existed as a national movement, great things were happening rather locally and each group featured on our compilation brings with them a particularly unique style and story.

Now, finally, "Boogie on the Mainline" sheds some light on 11 little-known German Disco gems that were released on small or even private labels. The album contains tunes by Imagination, Squish, Upstairs, Bernie L., The Poptown Syndicate, Peter Patzer, Ca$h, Trust, Publicity as well as classic tracks by Ströer and John Davis. It was compiled by John Raincoatman aka DJ Scientist.

Side A
Peter Patzer: You Are Not The One For Me
Ströer: Don't Stay For Breakfast
Upstairs: You're Just Yourself

Side B
J. D. (Puma) Lewis: Dancing Shoes
Trust: It's Not Over
Imagination: Strawberry Wine

Side C
Squish: Get Up
Publicity: Funky Feeling
Bernie L.: Backstreetboy

Side D
Ca$h: Raff dich auf
The Poptown Syndicate: Keep On Lovin' (Single Version)
Ca$h: Raff dich auf (Edit) (Bonus Track)