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Danny Scott Lane - Three Is Company
Danny Scott Lane - A Shower At Six
Danny Scott Lane - Share
Danny Scott Lane - Must Have
Danny Scott Lane - Star Thing
Danny Scott Lane - Spy On Me
Danny Scott Lane - Shower Dance
Danny Scott Lane - 11PM
Danny Scott Lane - Smells Like Flowers
Danny Scott Lane - Showering Sad

LP: Biovinyl, Limited Edition of 500, Heavy 350gsm Sleeve, Sticker

Tracklisting LP
A1. Three Is Company
A2. A Shower At Six
A3. Share
A4. Must Have
A5. Star Thing
B1. Spy On Me
B2. Shower Dance
B3. 11PM
B4. Smells Like Flowers
B5. Showering Sad


WRWTFWW Records is so happy to announce Shower, the brand-new album by New York born, Los Angeles based ambient / jazz / downtempo musician Danny Scott Lane, following the recently released and very well-received cozy soundscape, Home Decor. The limited edition LP (500 copies worldwide) is available on biovinyl housed in a heavy 350gsm sleeve featuring an illustration by Gabrielle Rul and design by Jazlyn Fung. The album is also available digitally.
Continuing to gently push (caress?) the boundaries of chill out music, smooth jazz, and comfy electronica, Shower draws inspiration from “the feeling of a steamy shower shared with a stranger after a night on the dance floor”, a warm immersive affair for the mind and the body. This latest funky auditory experience once again invites Matt Elliot Gooden’s soothing saxophone, and this time also welcomes the vibrant beats of drummer David Ruiz. Organic, discreet in the most relaxing and elegant ways, and just the right amount of sexy – Lane’s new creation offers the finest in audio cocooning.
As you tilt your head back and close your eyes, let the hot and dripping sounds of Shower transport you to a world of sonic serenity. Feel the rich textures and appeasing harmonies wash over you, enveloping your senses in pure musical bliss.
Shower is the first new release by WRWTFWW Records made with biovinyl, a sustainable alternative to traditional vinyl. Biovinyl replaces petroleum in S-PVC by recycling used cooking oil or industrial waste gases, resulting in 100% CO2 savings in bio-based S-PVC production. Furthermore, it is 100% recyclable and reusable, embracing the circular economy ideology.

Points of interests

- For fans of ambient, smooth jazz, minimalism, saxophone, solo showers, duo showers, shower à trois, and the fresh side of the pillow.

- Limited edition biovinyl of Danny Scott Lane’s new album featuring saxophone by Matt Elliot Gooden and drums by David Ruiz.