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Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Knock Off
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Gryphis Glaucus
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Going Down For...
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Move On
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Over Crowd
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Half Truth
Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost - Selene

Genre: Electronic, Soundtrack, Ambient, Industrial, Metal, Noise

LP: Heavy 350gsm Sleeve, Sticker

Tracklisting LP
A1. Knock Off
A2. Gryphis Glaucus
A3. Going Down For...
A4. Move On
B1. Over Crowd
B2. Half Truth
B3. Selene


WRWTFWW Records is deeply honored to announce the release of Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost’s soundtrack for experimental action drama Tokyo Fist, released in 1995 and directed by legendary director/producer/writer Shin’ya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man and its sequels, Bullet Ballet, Hiroki The Goblin, Nightmare Detective). Previously only published on CD in Japan, the cult movie soundtrack is available on vinyl for the first time ever and housed in a heavy 350gsm sleeve.
The Tokyo Fist soundtrack gorgeously blends explosive industrial music, heavy percussion, martial rhythms and noise experimentations with contemplative ambient and emotion-filled synth soundscapes, perfectly encapsulating the nihilistic pain felt by the characters of the movie and the brutally visceral rebirth they go through. Ishikawa and Der Eisenrost’s compositions hit hard, sometimes truly terrorizing, sometimes heart-gripping in gloomy and bewitching ways. This is no holds barred music, a venture into the darkest yet most strangely beautiful corners of the human mind (and heart).
The late great Chu Ishikawa was one of the innovators of the industrial and experimental scene in Japan and has collaborated with Shin’ya Tsukamoto on numerous movies. He also worked extensively with Takashi Miike, another visionary filmmaker from his home country. Ishikawa was the leader of groundbreaking Industrial-Metal-Percussion unit Der Eisenrost whose live performances around Japan left an indelible mark on the genre’s history.
This new project by WRWTFWW Records follows previous Japanese soundtracks from the catalogue: Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor 2, Evil Dead Trap…and more to come.

Points of interests

- For fans of electronic, soundtracks, industrial, ambient, percussion, metal, synth, Kenji Kawai, Geinoh Yamashirogumi, Tetsuo, Shin’ya Tsukamoto, Takashi Miike, cult movies, boxing, rebirths, and hard hitting experimental cinema.

- First ever vinyl release of Chu Ishikawa & Der Eisenrost’s soundtrack for experimental action drama movie Tokyo First (1995).