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Eddie Marcon - A1. Doily
Eddie Marcon - A2. Horizon
Eddie Marcon - A3. Crystals of Rabbit
Eddie Marcon - A4. Toratolion
Eddie Marcon - B1. Dead Plant
Eddie Marcon - B2. Gaikotsu
Eddie Marcon - B3. New Season
Eddie Marcon - B4. Amuinbow
LP - Full-colour sleeve, Japanese lyric sheet insert, postcard


A1. Doily
A2. Horizon
A3. Crystals of Rabbit
A4. Toratolion
B1. Dead Plant
B2. Gaikotsu
B3. New Season
B4. Amuinbow

A Colourful Storm presents the first vinyl edition of Yahho no Potori, a treasured recording by one of the most cherished contemporary Japanese folk outfits, Eddie Marcon.

Comprised of the core duo of Eddie Corman and Jules Marcon, Eddie Marcon was formed in Himeji in 2001, following Corman's involvement in noise-rock duo Coa and Shinsuke Michishita's fabled psychedelic outfit, LSD March. Marking a stylistic shift into delicate, acoustic territories, the duo would release dozens of albums and singles, mostly self-released through their Pong-Kong imprint, that have seen little distribution outside of Japan.

Recorded over a particularly humid summer and autumn, Yahho no Potori sees Eddie Marcon drifting from the delicate psychedelia of their debut EP into traditional song-based structures. A touching document of joy, tenderness and wistfulness, Marcon's deft yet effortless strum sets a stylish backdrop for Corman's voice to ascend. Desirous yet self-assured, Corman breathes life into an intimate space adorned by the elegant instrumentation of Yashuhisa Mizatani, Yoriro Tatekawa, Ran Mizutani and Saya Ueno, whose ingenuous collaborative instinct has been gifted to listeners through collectives such as Tenniscoats, Maher Shalal Hash Baz and Spirit Fest. Here, she also lends her engineering prowess, having produced the album.

Devotees of ambitious yet beautifully understated songwriting, as well as followers of Reiko and Tori Kudo, Nagisa Ni Te and Ai Aso, will find much to adore in the songs of Eddie Marcon. An intense and devastating recording, A Colourful Storm is proud to give new life to a shimmering, underappreciated gem.