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Last in:07.02.2024
Configuration:2LP Excl
Ale Hop - Head Transplant
Daniela Huerta - Tza Tun Tzat
Debashis Sinha - For the waters ever taste the heavens up parts I-V
Hexorcismos - Acaso de veras se vive con raíz en la Tierra
Hexorcismos & El Irreal Veintiuno - Interferencias
Jessika Khazrik - Gebera
Khyam Allami - Mix v6
Kloxii Li - Anhaga
KMRU - hidden options
MAF - What's heard once entered (Nommo)
Portrait XO - MUTUALISM_151122
Simina Oprescu - Granularities
Visions of Lizard - Barranca del muerto
2LP with Printed PVC Sleeve

GENRE/S: Alternative / Electronic


A1 / 1. Ale Hop - Head Transplant
A2 / 2. Daniela Huerta - Tza Tun Tzat
A3 / 3. Debashis Sinha - For the waters ever taste the heavens up parts I-V

B1 / 4. Hexorcismos - ¿Acaso de veras se vive con raíz en la Tierra?
B2 / 5. Hexorcismos & El Irreal Veintiuno - Interferencias
B3 / 6. Jessika Khazrik - Gebera

C1/ 7. Khyam Allami - Mix v6
C2 / 8. Kloxii Li - Anhaga
C3 / 9. KMRU - hidden options
C4 / 10. MAF - What's heard once entered (Nommo)

D1 / 11. Portrait XO - MUTUALISM_151122
D2 / 12. Simina Oprescu - Granularities
D3 / 13. Visions of Lizard - Barranca del muerto


For the last seven years, sound artist, technologist, and electronic musician Moisés Horta Valenzuela (aka Hexorcismos) has been studying artificial intelligence and generative art, wondering how these new technologies might be augmented into his musical process. Born in Tijuana and currently based in Berlin, Hexorcismos has long attempted to break down the permeable borders between musical styles and expressions, using the spaces in between to reinforce his politics and worldview. And on 'MUTALISMX - becoming sonic network', he expands his vision, inviting artists from across the globe to collaborate on work that questions the biases inherent in AI models, offering a collective alternative that could serve as a blueprint for further research.

The majority of AI art at this stage works with "big data", taking ideas from the cultural canon and muddying them with our contemporary reality. But if we accept that mass culture is always politically biased, always swaying towards historical prejudices, then there must be a counter-narrative. Hexorcismos began to develop a bottom-up approach, using "small data" to interrogate his idiosyncratic approach to art; he built a tool called SEMILLA.AI based on neural audio synthesis that could not only mimic his sonic fingerprint but transform it into another. So when he offered the synth to his network of collaborators, he gave them the option of either using only their data or sharing the signatures of each other artist involved in the project, blurring their identities into a mutual voice.

The result is a compilation that unspools with the coherence and fluidity of a single-artist album or adventurous DJ mix, genreless and boundless but unified by a singular message. Hunanese-American artist Kloxii Li for example takes rugged percussion and tense, industrial ambience, smudging her soundscape into a swirling gust of ghostly dissonance. Hexorcismos himself contributes two compositions: the lengthy, hypnotic 'Acaso de veras se vive con raíz en la Tierra', an AI-powered scramble of his pointed tribal guarachero experiments; and 'Interferencias', a collaboration with Mexican club veteran Bryan Dálvez, aka El Irreal Veintiuno that drives intense dancefloor rhythms into a dense haze of frozen drones and radio static. Elsewhere, Berlin-based Lebanese artist and writer Jessika Khazrik dissolves her voice into a mesh of obscured rhythms and dissociated whirrs, blending the organic with the artificial but retaining an overpowering sense of humanity.

Some artists were drawn to the nebulous aspects of the technology, searching for truth in a soup of different sounds, while others, such as KMRU, used Hexorcismos's synthesizer the examine their output. On 'hidden options', the Kenyan sound artist fed his immense catalog into the neural net, bringing out his mannerisms and tendencies in the process. Each track is singular but myriad, prompting both mutual respect and a sonic becoming, a feedback process between the artist and the tool, the individual and the collective. Data sets are made by people, and by engaging directly with musicians, Hexorcismos suggests a new way of utilizing a technology demonized and glorified without careful examination. Each artist owns their AI model, and alongside the album Hexorcismos will release SEMILLA.AI to the public (with custom-made models to start the process), allowing anyone to access this revolutionary technology.

Even the album's artwork reflects the political message, conceptualized by Chilean duo hypereikon, who used AI processes to develop a visual reflection of the technology and its possibilities. Operating outside of academia and capitalist enterprises, MUTUALISMX proposes an alternative future - one without borders that's not beholden to the Western canon, where independent labor can be prioritized and celebrated, and where creativity can truly flourish.