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Nyofu Tyson - Turkish Delight
Nyofu Tyson - Midnight Rendezvous
Nyofu Tyson - Fiancé
Nyofu Tyson - Fidayda
Nyofu Tyson - If you wan my love
Nyofu Tyson - Emmoglu
Nyofu Tyson - Sunglasses Belly Dance
Nyofu Tyson - Eninem
Nyofu Tyson - Tabancamin Sapini
Nyofu Tyson - Cicek Dagi Oyun Havasi
Nyofu Tyson - Misty Mountain Melody
Official re-release, retrieved from original cassette tape (1988). First time on vinyl! Includes Turkish musicians like jazz & percussion star Okay Temiz.
Brought to you by the compiler of the Saz Beat series as well as the Bosporus Bridges series.

A Danish-Lebanese Afro-American who has learned Turkish and knows how to play the saz? Who entered the Anatolian Pop scene in Istanbul right in the heyday, the early 1970s? And who got so much musical credit that the renowned Turkish producer Nazmi Senel released a solo album with him in 1988, recorded in Istanbul and including musicians like Turkish percussion star Okay Temiz? Sounds pretty unlikely. Sometimes miracles happen and highly improbable music gets released. A person with a diverse heritage as Nyofu Tyson can be seen as a 'melting pot', as a 'synthesis'. Yet, he can be also seen as someone who is able to step out for new paths.
This is the case for TÜRK LOKUMU - TURKISH DELITE. Like nobody before, Tyson connects and opens up Anadolu Pop towards a whole range of styles: Synth-Pop, New Wave, Reggae, Hip Hop/Break, Latin, Disco Boogie… He shows us how vital, compatible and versatile one could think Anadolu Pop at the end of the 1980s. The compositions are basically all Türkü-s, traditional Anatolian folk songs, yet updated with a poly-cultural music practice, which involved a lot of the then current musical trends. So, this is Turkish folk music and it has at the same time all what you like about the late 1980s pop music: cold electronic drum sounds, crisp-flashy synths, crunchy bass - all in contrast with warm distorted saz tones, wooden Turkish wind instruments, and a disco-soul proven female choir. This is crazy music. This is a miracle. This is Anatolian-Synth.

Nyofu Tyson
Born in Los Angeles of Danish-Lebanese-African-American heritage, Nyofu Tyson grew up in a musical home. His Dad was an amateur jazz pianist and avid listener of many styles of music.
Nyofu began music as a bassist, playing Jazz and Latin with local groups. He studied composition, classical bass, and North Indian classical music at California Institute of the Arts for two years. His interest in ethnic music led him to Turkey, where he began playing the long-necked lute, saz.
He then lived for many years in Sweden, where he worked with Zulfu Livaneli, Okay Temiz and Hadji Tekbilek, all major names in Turkish music. He toured all over Sweden and Europe with these artists, while having his own band and making radio concert and TV appearances in Sweden and Turkey.
Since returning to LA, he has collaborated with Omar Faruk Tekbilek, oudist John Bilezikian and Cuatro Caminos Flamenco among others.
Nyofu travels regularly to Turkey, where he has gained recognition for his interpretations of Turkish folk poets and his eclectic style of saz playing. He still continues both musical lines, Turkish folk poet music and Turkish flamenco fusion.


Music arranged, directed and English lyrics by Nyofu Tyson.
Re-Producer: Martin Georgi and Holger Lund (known as compiler of the Saz Beat series as well as the Bosporus Bridges series).
Vinyl-Mastering by Calyx Berlin.
Design by Julia Raschke. Many thanks to Nazmi Senel and Nyofu Tyson, Markus Lindner and Norman Nitzsche.
Distribution by wordandsound.
Executive production by Seismographic Records in cooperation with fluctuating images
© 2023 SR 002; &


A1 - Turkish Delight
A2 - Midnight Rendezvous
A3 - Fiancé
A4 - Fidayda
A5 - If you wan my love
A6 - Emmoglu

B1 - Sunglasses Belly Dance
B2 - Eninem
B3 - Tabancamin Sapini
B4 - Cicek Dagi Oyun Havasi
B5 - Misty Mountain Melody