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Grauzone - 01. Film 2
Grauzone - 02. Schlachtet!
Grauzone - 03. Hinter Den Bergen
Grauzone - 04. Maikäfer Flieg
Grauzone - 05. Marmelade Und Himbeereis
Grauzone - 06. Wütendes Glas
Grauzone - 07. Kälte Kriecht
Grauzone - 08. Kunstgewerbe
Grauzone - 09. Der Weg Zu Zweit
Grauzone - 10. In Der Nacht
Grauzone - 11. Eisbär
Grauzone - 12. Ich Lieb Sie
Grauzone - 13. Moskau
Grauzone - 14. Ein Tanz Mit Dem Tod
Grauzone - 15. Träume Mit Mir
Grauzone - 16. Ich Und Du
Grauzone - 17. Wütendes Glas (Maxi Version)
Grauzone - 18. Raum
Grauzone - 19. Film 1
Digipack CD: Liner Notes, Sticker
- Official reissue of Grauzone's album with 9 bonus songs including the megahit "Eisbär" and more, straight from the original reels!

Genre: Post-Punk, Electronic, New Wave, Cold Wave, Pop, Synth, Industrial, Experimental

Tracklisting Double LP Album

01. Film 2
02. Schlachtet!
03. Hinter Den Bergen
04. Maikäfer Flieg
05. Marmelade Und Himbeereis
06. Wütendes Glas
07. Kälte Kriecht
08. Kunstgewerbe
09. Der Weg Zu Zweit
10. In Der Nacht
11. Eisbär
12. Ich Lieb Sie
13. Moskau
14. Ein Tanz Mit Dem Tod
15. Traüme Mit Mir
16. Ich Und Du
17. Wütendes Glas (Maxi Version)
18. Raum
19. Film 1

WRWTFWW Records is very happy to reissue Swiss cult band Grauzone's self-titled album in an expanded 40 Years Anniversary Edition packed with the original 1981 album plus 9 extra songs, as well as extensive liner notes by Swiss music historian Lurker Grand. The 19-track album is available as a double LP vinyl in heavy 350gsm sleeve and a digipack CD, both sourced from the original reels and put together under the supervision of band member and all around legend Stephan Eicher.

The pioneering band from Bern (Switzerland) had a short-lived but highly-regarded career which birthed a cult discography that still fascinates and resonates today. Consisting of core members Martin Eicher, Stephan Eicher, and Marco Repetto, and on-and-off participants Christian GT Trüssel, Claudine Chirac, and Ingrid Berney, the elusive group broke new grounds in the early 80s, experimenting with punk and industrial music, early techno sounds, minimalism, new wave, pop, and various electronics. With an innovative and polished approach to design, visuals, performance, and all around style and philosophy on top of their superb music, the constantly transforming unit developed a whole experience - the Grauzone experience: wild and unpredictable, yet sophisticated and cohesive, or as Swiss music historian Lurker Grand would call it, "an Art band with a Punk attitude".

Completely rejecting the music industry rules and refusing to play the game of promotion, touring, release schedules, and TV appearances even though they had a multi-platinum international hit with the song "Eisbär", the band quickly disintegrated in full convention-defying glory, leaving behind an inspiring music legacy for the world to discover and discover again, one generation after the other.

This extended version of their debut (and only) album beautifully crystallizes the Grauzone miracle/accident - where pop and youthful experimentation meet at (new/cold/no) wave and industrial crossroads, and where classic hits ("Eisbär", "FILM 2", "Raum", "Träume Mit Mir", "Der Weg Zu Zweit"…) flawlessly mesh with unconventional deep cuts ("In Der Nacht", "Film 1", "Maikäfer Flieg"…). Very simply put: GOOD timeless music with an edge.

Stephan Eicher went on to be, arguably, the most successful Swiss musician ever, with an international career extending from pop chanson to experimental escapades and collaborations with Moondog, artists Sophie Calle and Sylvie Fleury, and author Martin Suter among many other luminaries. Marco Repetto flourished as a techno and ambient producer, releasing multiple projects including releases on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label.

Points of interests

- For fans of electronic, post-punk, new wave, cold wave, Swiss wave, no wave, Neue Deutsche Welle (Welle means wave!), synth, pop, industrial, proto-techno, 80s, Stephan Eicher, Marco Repetto, Liaisons Dangereuses, Tristesse Contemporaine, Young Marble Giants, The Cure but weirder, Switzerland, romance, mountains, polar bears, contemporary art, wearing nice (white) shoes in dirty basement squats, and xerox machines.

- New release from WRWTFWW Records (Grauzone's Eisbär and Raum, Midori Takada's Through The Looking Glass, Kenji Kawai's Ghost in the Shell Original Soundtrack, John Carpenter's Dark Star Soundtrack, Ryo Fukui's Scenery, Dominique Guiot's L'Univers de la Mer, Bernard Parmegiani soundtracks and more).