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Beautiful deluxe 1 LP 180 g . HQ Gatefold Aleeve with extensive Liner Notes by Mick Glossop & Manuel Göttsching, Printed Innersleeves with Rehearsal and Live Photos , Physical LP + CD only, No Digital!

2015 Live Recording from "Supersense" Festival Melbourne, previously unreleased, featuring a Supergroup around Manuel Göttsching, Ariel Pink, Oren Ambarchi, Shags Chamberlain
playing material from the Classic ASH RA TEMPEL Releases "Schwingungen" and "Seven Up" !

Total Time: 53:17

Tracklist LP (same Content and Running Time for CD but Medley on CD not separated):
A (Running Time: 25:03) 1. Look at Your Sun, 2. Flowers Must Die, 3. Medley: Downtown, Power Drive
B (Running Time: 28:14) 4. Medley: Right Hand Lover, Velvet Genes, 5. Schwingungen

Out of the blue - I was invited to perform in Melbourne, Australia.

It happened thanks to my dear old friend Mick Glossop, who made the suggestion to Sophia Brous, at the time the curator of a music-festival called "Supersense" at the Melbourne Arts Centre in summer 2015.

In addition to the solo performance I'd planned, Sophia proposed an additional collaboration or session performances with some of the other participating musicians.

I had never been very happy in performing "public sessions". I've always tried to first look for a conceptual approach, and my wife, Ilona J. Ziok, came up with the idea of performing some Ash Ra Tempel classics.

That's when the idea for an "Experience" was born.

I decided that pieces from the second and third Ash Ra Tempel albums "Schwingungen" and "Seven Up" (both from 1972) would be most appropriate for a group performance with Ariel Pink, Shags Chamberlain
and Oren Ambarchi.

We conversed by email, and much to my surprise, they all claimed to be very familiar with this music. …

It felt a bit like pushing at open doors - or, to put it another way - it felt like being welcomed with open arms.
We finally met in Melbourne for a relaxed afternoon rehearsal, just two days before the actual concert performance took place.
After a technical set-up we went straight into "Look at Your Sun" and it was as if we had performed it only yesterday.

It continued like that with the other tracks. For the first part of "Schwingungen" I decided for a little variation, so that all four of us were standing around the vibraphone at the beginning, playing it
with four / eight hands - like an imaginary "Music for Four Musicians"
(a bit reminiscent of the early works of Steve Reich).

Thank you Ariel, Shags and Oren for this great performance.

In return, it was only natural to ask Mick Glossop to make a mix of our
concert recording, and quite happily he agreed. … he has put together a wonderful and subtle mix,
perfectly representing the atmosphere of the concert.

So here it is what I am happy to call -
The Ash Ra Tempel Experience - live in Melbourne.

MG, June 2017 (shortened, full liner notes on album art)

" … The resultant concert proved to be a classic, and I was delighted when Manuel asked me to mix the recording.
Featuring the unique talents of musicians; Ariel Pink, Shags Chamberlain, Oren Ambarchi and of course, Manuel himself, as the Ash Ra Tempel Experience, the concert is a remarkable and uplifting example of classic rock improvisation; so rare these days.