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Boof - The Hydrangeas Whisper

May 18, 2015

rblp07"the best of a grip of albums Fulton's issued over the past decade." (resident advisor 4.2/5) Available on limted edition CD and double LP via Running Back. Produced by Maurice Fulton.

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Whomadewho - Ember Mini LP (Clear Vinyl-includes download)

May 18, 2015 GGPM300reetings, earthlings: we come from the land of endless summers and spontaneous jam sessions to deliver Get Physical number 300. It's brought to you by the trio from Copenhagen known as WhoMadeWho, a genre-bending group of buddies who are no strangers to critically-acclaimed albums: from their first-ever eponymous album back in 2005, to 2012's chart-topping "Brighter" LP, all the way to last year's "Dreams" LP, which was in fact, touted by many as one of the best things to come from the indie-dance sector of music in some time.  This comes as no surpriseRead the whole story

Ricardo Tobar Collection (incl. Bonus Cd)

May 18, 2015 CORLP037Electronic music approximately 35 years after bands like Kraftwerk opened the magic box. A lot happened since then and it seems all is said, done and invented. However it is almost surprising that new things still pop up here and there when it comes to electronic music production. The reason for this can probably be found in the almost unlimited possibilities that electronics and computers offer to the artists and of course in the unwritten law that there are no boundaries that can't be crossed. So, even after all this time, it is great to see that the creative development keeps on goingRead the whole story

Trickfinger (John Frusciante) - Trickfinger

Apr 7, 2015

 The latest chapter in the electronic evolution of guitarist John Frusciante features a new project under his Trickfinger guise and has him utilizing the classic hardware that spawned the eternal acid template. Frusciante’s desire to cede control to machines has paradoxically allowed him to present a singular take on elemental dance music, a brilliant and unexpected entry into Acid Test’s growing canon of modern, 303-focused dance music. Words from the Artist “I started being serious about following my dream to make electronic music, and to be my own

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Oni Ayhun, rRoxymore, Jaguar Woman, Aquarian Jugs - Decon Recon #1

Apr 1, 2015

 Future child of Paula Temple’s Noise Manifesto, Decon/Recon puts strength and artivism into a new idea of scene. The first Decon/Recon release is planned on 20 April 2015, both vinyl in limited edition and digital. The brand new project is based on a new series of electronic dance music releases presenting a unique and libertarian approach to collaboration, production and dance floor action. It converges artists’ samples in an open archive which is reassembled in four different tracks by the artists themselves. This project wants to put identity into a crisis by

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Grandbrothers - Dilation (2lp/ cd)

Mar 24, 2015

 Following their debut EP with “Ezra Was Right” and support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, Grandbrothers are presenting their debut album “Dilation". Twelve modern Experimental / Ambient / Piano pieces, whose sounds are generated completely out of a grand piano using small electromagnetic hammers. Grandbrothers are Erol Sarp and Lukas Vogel. After meeting at university in Dusseldorf, Erol and Lukas formed Grandbrothers to tie together their respective musical backgrounds and disciplines: Erol is a trained jazz pianist, while by day Lukas constructs

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October 11th
  1. EXCLMER Studio Barnhus T-shirt — “Burgundy White Print On Front Size Xxl” STUDIO BARNHUS
September 7th
  1. EXCL1CDA Kieslowski/zbigniew Preisner — “Diaries Of Hope -cd (original Soundtrack” BECAUSE MUSIC
August 17th
  1. EXCL12"L Sadar Bahar — “Tik Tok / At The Concert” KALAKUTA SOUL RECORDS
July 13th
  1. EXCL1LPD Erdbeerschnitzel — “The Attendants” ROTE LIEBE
July 6th
  1. EXCL12"J Adam Craft — “Ion, A&s Remix” PHORMA
  2. EXCL1LP C-edits — “Long Player 1” C-EDITS
  3. EXCL12"J Terepa — “Terepa Ep” OTHER PEOPLE
  4. EXCL1LPD Alexandre Francisco Diaphra — “Diaphra’s Blackbook Of The Beats” MENTAL GROOVE / BAZZERK
  5. EXCL1CDA Alexandre Francisco Diaphra — “Diaphra’s Blackbook Of The Beats” MENTAL GROOVE / BAZZERK
  6. EXCL2LPI Axel Boman/shakarchi & Stranéus/baba Sti — “Pedro Dollar/title:dubbel-dubb (vinyl On” STUDIO BARNHUS
  7. EXCL12"J Premiesku,sons Of Tiki,cesare Vs Disorde — “Va10y3” VA10Y
  8. EXCL12"J Luigi Tozzi — “Calipso, Dino Sabatini Version” OUTIS
  9. EXCL12"J V/a (gimmix&zorro, Rampue, Kalipo, Krink — “Stiff Little Spinners Vol. 6” AUDIOLITH RECORDS
  10. EXCL12"J Mrs Jones — “Ep” OTHER PEOPLE
June 29th
  1. EXCL12"J Sei A — “Gasp Ep” AUS MUSIC

Media and DJ comments

Warlock — “Seventeen Camels” on KICK + CLAP / BECAUSE

DJ: “David Squillace / DC10 - "Absolutely so solid! Fantastic release!" - Fave track - Peckham Heights Marco Carola - "downloading for marco carola, thanks" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Tom Trago / Amsterdam - "Downloaded for Tom Trago." Fave track - Block 7 Eclair Fifi / Lucky Me / Scotland - "awesome" - Fave track - Peckham Heights Jacques Renault / Runaway / NYC - "Will have to test these out sounding pretty cool to me" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Pedro 'Busy P' Winter / Ed Banger - "Sounds exciting!" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Biru Bee / Round Table Knights - "love it" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Dj Rocca / Ajello / Supersonic Lovers / Erodiscotique / Italy - "808 love!" - Fave track - Peckham Heights Dj Feadz / Paris - "Dope !!! Support !" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Sean Johnston / A Love from Outer Space - "Love this - a bit took klartin for ALFOS but tell him I dig it!" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Richard Norris / Time & Space Machine / Beyond The Wizards Sleeve - "Excellent. Raw filth! XX" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Sergej Gorn / Get Physical / Berlin - "thanks" - Fave track - Block 7 Romain bno / Silencio / Paris - "just so good. thank you so much" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Tim Paris - "As You Were ia brilliant !" His Majesty Andre - "Interesting, will play!" - Fave track - Block 7 Don Rimini / Paris - "Nice EP" - Fave track - Peckham Heights Stu Todd / Cabaret Voltaire & Liquid Rooms / Edinburgh - "Will play Block 7" Iain Taylor / Rejekts / Sankeys / Space / Ibiza - "Wicked! Really good! Thanx" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Scott D'Souza / Axis Trax - "Not for me thx for sending : )" DJ ISON / Thessaloniki / Greece - "Block7 for me" Paul Nazca / Scandium / Plantage 13 / France - "Block 7 for me" Ian Pither / Everyone We Know - "Nice and raw with just the right amount of oddness. Peckham Heights and Block 7 are the ones for me here." Taymans Claude / Brussels - "yes" - Fave track - Block 7 Luke Stereo / Ghetto Funk / Fez Club / Cambs - "Solid! Full support on this one" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Quincy Jointz / Timewarp Music - "I like "Seventenn camels"." Nathan Detroit - "BANGERS!" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Keith Matthews / London & Ibiza - "I AGREE WITH DAVE. Seventeen Camels for me but love them all." ”

RADIO DJ: “Sinden / Kiss FM / Fabric - "Shit this ep is big ! Thanks for putting me onto this" - Fave track - Peckham Heights Richard Attley / Radio 1 / 1xtra - "Thanks for sending" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels Lawson / NTS Radio - "nice!" - Fave track - As You Were Jon Kelly / Sine FM / Doncaster - "Sounds great.Hail the Warlock!" - Fave track - Seventeen Camels ”

Felipe Valenzuela & Dani Casarano — “Introspection” on CADENZA

DJ: “Nitin (No.19 Music) – Dope release, Instinct is the one I’ll be playing Mark Henning (Soma) – Love the groove on Instinct Andy Baxter (Pacha) – Superb grooves as always Robbie Akbal (Get Physical) – Instinct is sick, massive record, hypnotic & superb drums Harri (Sub Club) – Liking both of these Danny Daze – Groovy! Yannick (Trickski) – Winner! Love these Cadenza beats, stunning! Davide Squillace – Impulse is super deep! Gel Abril – two solid cuts here! Hannah Holland – Amazing rhythms, texture and groove Raresh (A:rpia:r) – good tracks Reboot – Full support! Blond:Ish – Instinct is sexy! ”

Sebastian Russell — “Free Fall” on FENOU

DJ: “[a]pendics.shuffle: "Fav: Free Fall. Dammmmnnnn! So good. Sebastian "The fucking Serge Gainsbourg of Techno" Russell does it again!" Booka Shade: "Fav: Hide. Thanks." Acid Pauli: "Please send a Free Fall as WAV. Thanks. Acid Pauli." DJ 3000: "Love Hide and love the percussion work on Force!!" Oliver Schories: "Fav: Free Fall. Very nice. Thx." Animal Trainer: "Fav: Force. WoW... whatta excellent release here... damn hard choosin a fav here... 2 of 3 tracks --> 5* Thanks." Mihalis Safras: "Fav: Free Fall. Nice smooth ones here. Thanx." DJ Dub: "Really like Free Fall." Soukie & Windish: "Fav: Hide. Great piece of music!" Radio Diversions Toronto: "Nicely crafted release - especially like the fragile rhythms of Free Fall!" ”

The Result — “Endeavour Ep” on CATENACCIO RECORDS

DJ: “troy pierce (minus, items & things): wow! just made my day. dubfire (desolat, cocoon): bombs! cesare vs disorder (serialism, vakant): love it.welcome back catenaccio, u were missed.thanks julietta (harry klein): great stuff as always on the label iron curtis: endeavour is great! hrdvsion (wagon repair): nice work. mike chapman: Very cool stuff - nice to see Catenaccio back in action! danton eeprom (infine): Digging this slow burner, nice to see producers taking their time on a record konrad black: love this! marco freivogel (exercise one): fantastic release. both sides offer great electronic music here. love it! angel molina: a true trip! ”

Elektro Guzzi — “Circling Above” on MACRO

MAG: “Textura (CDA) The towering opener, “Circle One,” does much more than simply reaffirm the indelible character of Elektro Guzzi's sound. Yes, it shares with the trio's other recordings thrust and muscularity, but it also dramatically brings out an African dimension that had heretofore only been hinted at in the group's music. And that “Circle One” lasts 29 min doesn't mean that the trio simply drags out a jam to its limit; instead, the music unfolds with the same kind of logical purpose as a regular Elektro Guzzi piece but in this case for a longer spell. And a spell it certainly is: the longer playing time bolsters the hypnotic effect of the music by allowing the listener to surrender to its gyroscopic whirl without pause. Powered by Schneidewind's pulsing throb, Breuer's percussive invention, and Hammer's psychedelic flourishes, the material unspools with the dizzying drive of a feverish African dance. The Wire (UK) The best way to approach Elektro Guzzi’s Circling Above is in a state of ignorance. When you’re deep into its electronic, trippy-trance grip, a dancefloor haze of Ricardo Villalobos-esque Minimal Techno, that’s the moment to learn that it's all played live by an Austrian guitar/drums/bass trio. As you pick your jaw up off the floor, you can ponder the discipline and determination of Bernhard Hammer, Bernhard Breuer and Jakob Schneidewind, and the immaculate production that encases their metronomic grooves. It’s not just that they’ve turned into machines, à la Jaki Liebezeit, because with Liebezeit you can still enjoy the playing, the in-the-pocket-ness of the performance. Elektro Guzzi have gone further: they no longer sound like three musicians but one laptop. Is this a good thing? I’m too stunned to decide. Aquarius (US) Beyond the concept, which is amazing, the music is pretty fantastic as well, a mesmerizing mix of woozy cyclical melodies and muted pulsing rhythms, total late night bliss out techno, that sounds digital but is purely analog, apparently even the label didn't believe this stuff was actually being played until they watched a live rehearsal video. No loops, no overdubs, but somehow, it still sounds loopy and dubby, hypnotic and heady, all the sounds wreathed in an organic crackle, the sound raw and organic, but somehow sculpted into something that sounds impossible electronic. We love these guys, and these 3 tracks are just more of what we love. Everyone who Elektro Guzzi's Live P.A. record, are gonna want this too. Falter (AT) Einen langsam schon unheimlichen Lauf haben Elektro Guzzi, deren live mit Gitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug erzeugter Techno bereits die halbe Welt verblüfft hat. Kaum ein Jahr nach dem letzten Studioalbum erscheint mit „Circling Above“ (Macro) ein weiteres Werk. Es wird vom 29-minütigen „Circle One“ bestimmt, das trotz der Überlänge nicht nach Freakout, sondern hochkonzen­triert klingt. Der hypnotische Drive erinnert an den experimentierfreudigen Acid des frühen Richie Hawtin. Groove (DE) Ein latentes Dilemma begleitet Elektro Guzzi. Entweder macht das Wiener Trio seine Sache zu gut und sich damit überflüssig, oder aber es bleibt hinter den selbstgesteckten Erwartungen zurück und einen Beweis schuldig. Den darüber, dass sich mit Gitarre, Bass und Schlagzeug properer Techno produzieren lässt. Auf "Circling Above" reizen sie die von ihnen postulierte Formel noch extremer aus als je zuvor in der fünfjährigen Bandgeschichte: Tatsächlich scheint die Stärke von Elektro Guzzi vornehmlich in der (Aus-) Dauer zu liegen. „Circle One“ mag sich ewig hinziehen – durch feinsinnige Modulationen fällt das jedoch kaum auf. „Circle Two“ klopft hingegen die Möglichkeiten der Klangmanipulation voll aus, mäandert auf einem schnurgeraden Beat zwischen Dub und Elektroakustik. Es sind großartige Stücke wie diese, in denen Elektro Guzzi ihr Dilemma hinter sich lassen können. HHV Mag (DE) Kreiseln. Stetes Kreiseln. Das Wiener Trio hat mit Präzision und stoischer Handhabe seiner Instrumente in der Vergangenheit wiederholt bewiesen, dass sie Techno von Hand so sicher spielen können, dass sich die Streitfrage, ob diese Form der Tanzmusik besser von Maschinen erzeugt werden sollte, bis auf weiteres erledigt haben dürfte. Elektro Guzzi haben zudem die Grenze zwischen akustischen und elektronischen Klangquellen durch ihre Spielweise zuverlässig verwischt: Man kann bei ihnen oft gar nicht erkennen, mit welchen Mitteln da Clubtracks erzupft und zusammengetrommelt wurden. Mit ihrem puristischen Ansatz bleiben sie allen ähnlich zu Werke gehenden Projekten bis heute überlegen. Dass sie im Studio auch längere Strecken mühelos bewältigen können, demonstrieren sie auf »Circling Above«. Besonders der erste der beiden titelgebenden »Circles« ist ein ehrfurchtgebietendes Monster aus, genau, kreiselnden Figuren, oft nur angedeuteten Tönen, die das richtige Maß an Hall beigegeben bekommen haben, um sich immer wieder heftig ineinander zu verzahnen. Musik, die vielleicht nicht mehr den Zauber des Noch-nie-Gehörten hat, einem aber dafür den Kopf umso seliger schwirren lässt. Der Körper folgt dann schon nach. Intro (DE) Musikalisch ordnen sich die drei Song-Kreise präzise, aber durchaus mitreißend im minimalistisch-düsteren Klang-Stammbaum des Detroit-Techno ein; die Live-Darbietung ist hierbei kein entscheidender Faktor. Elektro Guzzi funktionieren nicht nur als intellektueller Aha-Effekt auf der Bühne. Die beatlastigen, flimmernden bis schneidenden Klang-Konstrukte spielen durch ihre Komplexität durchaus in der Liga von Legenden wie Juan Atkins oder Robert Hood. Von europäischer Steifheit und Kraftwerk-Referenzen vollständig freigespielt, haben die drei Wiener letztes Jahr nicht nur auf Festivals in Europa, Amerika und Japan überzeugt, sondern halten ihr Niveau auch mit dem neuen Album bemerkenswert hoch. Resonance FM (UK) Presented on Spooled Out show. Spex (DE) Bei Elektro Guzzi hilft es, sie schon mal spielen gesehen zu haben - das geht einem dann auch nicht aus dem Kopf, und es verknüpft auch bei "Circling Above" die beiden Hörpfade [die Eigendynamik repetitiven Spielens und die maschinelle Akkuratesse] bzw. das wilde Wechseln zwischen ihnen. Elektro Guzzi spielen Techno-Tracks mit mehr oder weniger konventionellen Instrumenten ein. Und wenn man das nicht weiß, hört man kaum einen Unterschied zu regulären, von bestimmten Programmen und auf bestimmten Rechnern generierten Techno-Tracks. Da man das aber weiß, hört man anders. (Diedrich Diederichsen) Vital Weekly (NL) All of this was recorded live which means it's not entirely flawless but I think that's the beauty of it. Sound like a laptop with glitches: what more do you want as a band? ”

New releases


released Friday May 22, 2015

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