Vanessa Wagner

“Inland (2lp+ Black Vinyl)”

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2LP, Clear Vinyl - Territories : World excl. GER - FRA - BEN - UK Tracklist 2LP: A SIDE A1_ Moondog - Für Fritz (1:43) A2_ Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch - Louella (1:39) A3_ Bryce Dessner - Ornements part 1 (8:28) A4_ Bryce Dessner - Ornements part 2 (8:28) A5_ Meredith Monk - Railroad (Travel Song) (2:11) A6_ Philip Glass - Etude n°9 (2:20) B SIDE B1_ William Susman - Quiet Rhythms: Prologue and Action n°9 (4:51) B2_ Hans Otte - The Book of Songs, part 2 (7:26) B3_ Michael Nyman - The Heart Asks Pleasure First (3:54) C SIDE C1_ MoonDog - Elfe (1:36) C2_ Gavin Bryars - Ramble On Cortona (8:25) C3_P?teris Vasks - Balt? ainava (9:14) D SIDE D1_ Nico Muhly - Hudson Cycle (3:05) D2_Philip Glass - Etude n°5 (8:02) D3_ Wim Mertens - Struggle (6:17) Short Info: The title of this new album by Vanessa Wagner refers to John Cage’s Imaginary Landscape (1939), one of the first works to use electronic devices. After all, when Cage wrote his manifesto The Future of Music in the late 1930s, he already knew that the merging of written and electronic music would bear exquisite fruits. The album is the lone protuberance from 2016 album Statea, on which Wagner, alongside producer Murcof (she on the piano, him manning the machines), reinterpreted pieces from the fathers of minimalism: Arvo Pärt, Philip Glass, Morton Feldman, Erik Satie, or John Cage. The same secret conversation between the artist, the piano, and contemporary music is now continuing on Inland. Making more with less, the album turns long harmonies into multicolored prisms, miniature detailed embroidery, sighs and breaths, syncopated or restrained chants. In this brave new world, sounds exist for themselves, and silence comes to life. While the repertoire remains in the minimalistic vein, it gives priority to living composers, of which almost all are still active. The repertoire’s cartography has been extended: its (male or female) composers can be American, of course, but

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