“Pink Eye (cd Digipack)”

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CD Digipack Version. Follow up to “A Blink of an Eye” (RBLP06/Cd06) + “I´ve got my Eye on you” (DFA). Written and produced by Maurice Fulton! Tracklist: 1. Boat Ride Around NYC 2. The Skipper 3. Cayll J The Superhero 4. Sarah’s E Is Back 5. Mario & Soley 6. Spin Cycle 7. Karo B Is Not On Love & Hip Hop 8. Kelly Is With Her C 9. Luciana Murder Muffins 10. Five Left 11. Pink Eye Written and produced by Maurice Fulton. “An Original Dr. Scratch Mix” Published by Buttrubb Music. players. Karo Brandi, leader of all of what you see, plus all of the artwork. Hanna Sarkari ,all guitars. Mim Suleiman all drums and percussion. Maurice Fulton. All keyboards bass and drum programming. Recorded and mixed at BubbleTease Communications Sheffield UK

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